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How Much Does an Electric Car Charging Station Cost?

Installing a Level 2 home charging station for your electric car costs about $1087.06.
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In most cases, charging station installation is a job for a licensed electrician. The cost of hiring an electrician is going to vary quite a bit from city to city. Labor prices tend to be highest in large cities and lowest in rural areas.

Average Electric Car Charging Station Installation Prices
Aurora, CO$1063.88 - $1102.96
Baltimore, MD$1219.07 - $1263.85
Boise, ID$1031.21 - $1069.09
Cambridge, MA$1331.38 - $1380.28
Charlotte, NC$951.57 - $986.52
Cincinnati, OH$957.70 - $992.87
Detroit, MI$1014.87 - $1052.15
Fort Myers, FL$976.08 - $1011.93
Jersey City, NJ$1269.10 - $1315.72
Las Vegas, NV$1040.40 - $1078.61
Madison, WI$994.45 - $1030.98
Myrtle Beach, SC$971.99 - $1007.69
Oakland, CA$1420.21 - $1472.37
Olympia, WA$1062.86 - $1101.90
Richmond, VA$1066.95 - $1106.13
Salt Lake City, UT$1027.13 - $1064.85
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These prices should only be considered ballpark estimates. We recommend contacting a few electricians for a quote before deciding which one to hire. Use our free service to get quotes from local EV charging station installers near you.

Other factors to consider:

Do you already have 200-amp service? If not, you may need to upgrade your breaker box before the charging station can be installed.

Will you need to install a new 240-volt outlet? A Level 2 charging station cannot be plugged into a standard power outlet. Your electric vehicle charger will use the same type of outlet you would use for a major electric appliance (like a washing machine or refrigerator).

Have you already purchased the charging station? We recommend consulting with your installer before deciding which one to buy. He or she can help you determine the best model for your vehicle and driving needs. If you decide to purchase on your own, make sure it is compatible with your electric car and your home’s wiring system.

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Where are you installing the charging station? Charging stations can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Most electric vehicle owners choose to install the charger in close proximity to where they park the car overnight. This is usually in or near the garage, carport, or driveway.

How fast would you like the car to charge? It can take almost 24 hours to fully charge your vehicle with a Level 1 charger. If you don’t drive very often, this might not be a problem for you. Installing a Level 2 charger is a great way to cut down on the time required to charge your car.

How much will your electricity bill go up after installing the charging station? Ask your charging station installer if they can give you an estimate. Utility costs will vary based on how often you charge the car and where you live.

Are you eligible for any tax incentives? Certain areas may offer tax incentives to owners of electric vehicles. Your installer may be familiar with some of these programs. Make sure to save all of your receipts during the installation process.

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Free EV Home Charging Station Installation Cost Estimates

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